Fraud and corruption prevention

The RAA has zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. Information about suspected fraudulent or corrupt behaviour by members of the public against the RAA can be reported to or phone 1800 678 593.

The RAA prevents fraud by:

  • Designing programs with built-in fraud prevention measures
  • Requiring strong evidence to support and verify applications
  • Checking all applications and evidence supplied
  • Checking payment details before payments are made

The RAA detects fraud by:

  • Encouraging reporting from staff, the public and other NSW agencies
  • Data analytics and manual checking to detect unusual applications or multiple use of the same customer data or invoice
  • Random sampling, review and audit of applications

The RAA responds to fraud by:

  • Audit and site validation of applications that are of concern
  • Referral to NSW Police or ICAC of any suspected fraud
  • Civil recovery of any assistance provided under a fraudulent application

The RAA takes all allegations of fraud and corruption seriously. Reports will be assessed and investigated as appropriate, which may require involvement of external parties such as NSW Police or ICAC.

Due to privacy restrictions and/or the integrity of an investigation, feedback may not always be provided to the individual making the report. If the allegation involves another individual, the Rural Assistance Authority may not be able to provide information about the conduct or outcome of the investigation due to obligations under the Privacy Act 1988.