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Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program

The Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program is an initiative of the NSW Government’s Drought Strategy and has been developed to support farmers and provide access to vocational and skills training. Three professional development priority areas have been identified:

  • Risk management
  • Financial and business management
  • Farm business planning/drought preparedness

What can you claim?

Approved participants can claim a 50 percent subsidy of up to $5000 for the first individual. There is an additional $1000 available per person for a maximum of four people for a total maximum of $9000 per farm business. This subsidy may be used to cover course costs' including course fees, travel costs', child/respite care costs and/or software specifically relating to a course.

Courses for farmers

View the Pre-approved course directory

Pre-approved courses are a great networking opportunity to share ideas and put them into practice. Over 95 pre-approved courses are available ranging from farm business planning to leadership and people management. Once you have completed one of these courses, you can submit a claim for a 50 percent subsidy of course costs.

Other professional development activities - Farmers can alternatively  attend other types of training to suit their farm business needs. This training may take the form of group training or one-on-one sessions with your financial advisor, accountant or lawyer. The training can cover; succession planning, financial and business management, farm business planning, risk management, drought preparedness planning or other topics that suit your particular requirements.

You will need to apply for pre-approval of this training to ensure you can successfully claim the 50 percent subsidy for course costs.

Become a course provider

Education and service providers can apply for pre-approval of courses here: Course Provider Application Form.

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