Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy

A subsidy on the transport of stock at risk is available to primary producers.

This subsidy covers up to 50% of the total freight cost to a maximum of $20,000 per farm business and is available where:

  • animals are at significant risk
  • there is little or no feed and/or water available, including both pasture and stored fodder
  • animals leave the farming enterprise permanently and
  • the enterprise demonstrates a significant financial need

The program, which was due to close on 30 June 2020, has been extended into 2020/21.

Applications for the extended Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy will be open from 1 July 2020 and close 31 December 2020 or earlier if funding is exhausted.

Funding available and possible early closure

The availability of rebates for this program is subject to funds being available. No rebates can be offered beyond the allocated funding. RAA will endeavour, but is not obliged, to provide advance notification of an early closure of the program. An applicant’s unawareness of, or lack of notification by RAA, of an early closure of the program will not be grounds for consideration of applications or invoices submitted after the dates outlined above.

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