Gas Community Benefits Fund

The application period for the Gas Community Benefits Fund is currently closed.

The NSW Government has established a voluntary Gas Community Benefits Fund (the Fund) being an authorised fund under Section 24AB of the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 overseen by the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy.

For more information on the establishment of the Fund and the NSW Gas Plan, view the information available from the Department of Industry - Resources and Energy.

The principal objective of the Fund is the provision of benefit to the local community. The other benefits are to ensure that:

  • lasting and mutually beneficial relationships are developed between gas companies and the communities in which they operate;
  • local communities are involved in decisions to fund projects in the local communities;
  • funding decisions promote community development projects that support local and social enterprise, are transparent and there is accountability for these decisions; and
  • efficient, effective and transparent governance and administration arrangements for the Fund.

Available funding

A maximum of $500,000 is available per project.

Eligible projects must support local and social enterprises in the areas of health, education, environment, economic development and heritage, sport, arts and culture.

Community Benefits Fund Committee (CBF Committee)

The role of the Committee includes:

  1. setting the annual strategic direction of the fund;
  2. setting the specific focus of each funding round;
  3. determining the successful grant funding project applications; and
  4. providing annual reports on finances and funded projects to the Minister.

Each Committee shall consist of an Independent Chair and at least 5 (but no more than 6) representatives with:

  • At least 2 representing different interests of the local community (not already holding a position on the existing Community Consultative Committee (CCC)),
  • 1 from the gas titleholder,
  • 1 from the local government, and
  • 1 from the NSW Government

Appointment of members for a Committee will be made by the Minister of Industry, Resources and Energy in accordance with the Appointment Standards - Boards and Committees in the NSW Public Sector (July 2013).

Assessment panel (the Panel)

The role of the Panel is to review applications against the strategic priorities and objectives of the Fund, apply a merits based selection process and make recommendations to the Committee.

The Panel will be established by the Authority in consultation with the Department of Industry - Resources and Energy and will consist of 3 - 4 staff from relevant Government agencies and independent subject matter experts, as required.

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