Grants & Subsidies

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority (the RAA) administers financial assistance programs including transport subsidies for  natural disasters to primary producers on behalf of both the NSW and Australian Governments.

Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Farmers can claim up to 25% on new farm water infrastructure costs under the emergency water infrastructure scheme.

Natural Disaster Donated Fodder Transport Subsidy

The natural disaster donated fodder transport subsidy pays for the costs of transporting donated fodder from within NSW.

Natural Disaster Transport Subsidy

The natural disaster transport subsidy is available to farmers who are affected by a declared natural disaster event.

Horticultural Netting Program Trial

The Horticultural Netting Program Trial allows horticulturalists in NSW to apply for a 50% rebate to purchase and install new protective netting or replace damaged netting, to a maximum $150,000. This program will be opening soon.