NSW Varroa Mite Response Program

About the emergency response

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) detected Varroa mite in June 2022, confirmed as Varroa destructor in biosecurity surveillance hives at the Port of Newcastle.

The DPI is working to protect the NSW honey bee industry and is continuing efforts to contain and eradicate Varroa mite.

Daily updates in relation to the emergency response are provided on the DPI’s Varroa Mite Emergency Response webpage.

About the reimbursement program

To support beekeepers affected by the Varroa mite outbreak in NSW, reimbursement is available for hives and equipment destroyed, bees baited, as well as the value of honey product foregone as a result of the emergency response.

Program guidelines:

Additional information for commercial beekeepers

Supporting evidence requirements:

Click here for detail of supporting evidence requirements for commercial beekeepers in the red zone.

Holding statement:

Click here for a holding statement relevant to commercial beekeepers who have been approved to receive reimbursement under the Varroa Mite Response Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions for the Varroa Mite Response Program.