The NSW Rural Assistance Authority (the RAA) administers financial assistance programs including loans to primary producers and small business operators on behalf of both the NSW and Australian Governments.


Read Choose the right loan for your needs for a summary of available grants.

Farm Innovation Fund

The Farm Innovation Fund provides farmers with a low interest loan to improve permanent on-farm infrastructure, and ensure long term profitability and sustainable land use.

Seafood Innovation Fund

The Seafood Innovation Fund provides commercial fishers and aquaculture farmers with a low interest loan to identify and address risks to their business, improve permanent assets and infrastructure, and to ensure long term productivity and sustainable use of the marine, estuarine and land-based environment.

Disaster Assistance Loans

Natural disaster assistance loans help communities and individuals directly affected by flood, fire, storm damage or any other declared natural disaster.

NSW Forest Industries Innovation Fund

The Forest Industries Innovation Fund offers low interest loans to support the sustainable growth of the forestry industry in NSW.

Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program

A scheme to assist the commercial fishing industry in NSW to manage restructure impacts.

Regional Investment Corporation

The Australian Government has established the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC). From 1 July 2018, farmers will need to apply to the RIC for the Commonwealth’s farm business concessional loans. Contact RIC on 1800 875 675.

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