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Rural Assistance Authority

Rural Assistance Authority

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority (RAA) provides tailored access to financial assistance to help regional and rural businesses and communities in NSW deal with challenges and change.

The RAA has decades of experience delivering loans, grants, rebates and subsidies to primary producers, small business operators and not-for-profit organisations.

This experience informs our ongoing contribution to farming and rural policies, and the advice we provide to the NSW Government, helping to ensure the right assistance is provided at the right time.

Find out more at our Loans and Grants webpages.

Drought Ready and Resilient Fund

Low interest loans up to $250,000 for a broad range of drought preparedness, management and recovery purchases, activities and services.

Drought Infrastructure Fund

Low interest loans up to $1 million for permanent on-farm infrastructure to help prepare for dry conditions and improve resilience to future adverse weather events.

Natural Disaster Recovery Assistance

Low interest loans and transport subsidies to support recovery following a declared natural disaster event.

How the RAA helped Tim and Katrina future-proof their farm business

Using a Farm Innovation Fund loan (now referred to as the Drought Infrastructure Fund), Tim and Katrina were able to overcome climate and weather-related challenges and future-proof their operation by installing a world-first, retractable-roof greenhouse to protect their avocado trees.

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